Conflict Coaching



Conflict Management Coaching or “Conflict Coaching” as it is commonly called, is a one-on-one process that teaches you the skills you need to be able to engage, manage and resolve interpersonal disputes in your personal or professional life. The Texoma DRC‘s Conflict Coaching model uses a mixture of non-violent communication instruction and conflict management strategies. It is an effective five stage process designed to help you improve your conflict management skills and abilities according to your individual goals. It enhances what’s known as your “conflict competence”:

  • your ability to identify the source and resolve interpersonal disputes independently
  • your ability to prepare for challenging and stressful conversations
  • your ability to prevent conflict from escalating or destroying relationships
  • your ability to transform unproductive conflict reactions into constructive responses
  • your ability to manage your reactions to conflict

Conflict Coaching can also help you prepare for Mediation, Arbitration, Negotiations and other forms of Dispute Resolution (ADR).

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