The administrative filing fee for all Mediations conducted through the Texoma Dispute Resolution Center is $25 (Twenty-Five Dollars) per party. This fee is due when the parties (or their attorney) submit their documents and request a Mediation to be scheduled. The Texoma Dispute Resolution Center will NOT schedule or confirm a Mediation until this fee is paid by all parties.

Mediations are scheduled as either a half day (9am or 1pm start) or full day (9am start) session. Half day sessions typically last 2-4 hours and full day sessions typically last 6-8 hours (a lunch break is included). The fee charged for a Mediation is the same whether it is a half day or full day session.  **In some cases, additional sessions may be necessary to reach an agreement.**

There are TWO fee categories for Mediations conducted through the Texoma Dispute Resolution Center. Mediation fees must be paid by all parties prior to the start of a Mediation session.

  • Category A – FREE/NO CHARGE. To qualify as “Category A”, one or more of the parties involved in the Mediation has been deemed eligible for a fee waiver by either the referring court or the Texoma DRC. To apply for a Mediation fee waiver, please download and submit the FEE WAIVER REQUEST on our forms page.
  • Category B – $100 (One Hundred Dollars) Per Party. All cases that do not qualify for a fee waiver are considered to have “Category B” status .

Please see our Mediation page for more information about our Mediation services.



Texoma DRC Conflict Coaching sessions are 60 minutes in length and can be conducted in-person, by phone or online via GoToMeeting or Skype.

The fee for each Conflict Coaching session is $20 per person. Sessions are available for individuals, families and groups. Fees must be paid in advance of each session.

Please see our Conflict Coaching page for more information about our Conflict Coaching services.



The Texoma Dispute Resolution Center offers valuable training programs about a variety of subjects- including Mediation Techniques, Managing Workplace Conflict, Generational Conflict, Identifying Personal Conflict Styles*, Negotiation, Cultural Conflict, Gender Based Negotiations, Dispute Resolution Options, Conflict Management, the Psychology of Conflict and more.

Most of these training programs are provided, FREE, to non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce, professional or civic organizations, public schools, churches and other community organizations within our service area. These programs are available for a nominal fee to businesses, universities/colleges, municipal/county government offices and other groups within our service area as well as non-profit organizations or other entities outside our service area.

*A few of the training programs offered by the Texoma DRC- such as Identifying Personal Conflict Styles and other personality or conflict assessments- require the hosting organization or group to pay any required licensing fees for the use of proprietary or copyrighted training and testing materials.

Please see our Training page for more information about our Community Training Programs.



To become a volunteer Mediator for the Texoma Dispute Resolution Center you must either successfully complete our 40 Hour Mediation Training Program or have successfully completed similar training through a Texoma DRC approved program.

Volunteers who wish to Mediate family, divorce or child/parent disputes must also complete our 30 Hour Family Law/Domestic Relations Training Program for Texas, Oklahoma or both.

Please Note: Training fees can be waived with a 2 year volunteer agreement.

  • Texas & Oklahoma 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training Program- $500
  • Texas 30 Hour Family Law/Domestic Relations Training Program- $400
  • Oklahoma 30 Hour Family Law/Domestic Relations Training Program- $400
  • Texas & Oklahoma 30 Hour Family Law/Domestic Relations Training Programs Package- $640

Please see our Volunteer page for more information about the required 40 hour Mediation Training or 30 hour Family Law/Domestic Relations Training.

If you have additional questions about any of the Texoma DRC fees or applying for a fee waiver, please email us at info@texomadrc.org.